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Canopy, Webs, Alterations of any kind, Specialized Embroidery and T-Shirt Heat Transfers. and Rime stone designs. Customizes sewing, Patio Cushions, Umbrella's. Webbing items, - Cargo nets, Web bridge and much more.  Visit our on line catalog at: www.companycasuals.com/AlterationsandMore.com

Alterations and More

106 Shirley Ave., Bowdon GA 30108 US   |  770-258-3246  |  sgrainger56@aol.com

For more than 46 years, I have been sewing for different company's learning new and exciting ways to take sewing to different levels. I went from making suits, uniforms, embroidery, to making Patio cushions and custom canopy's, vinyl soft play toys, mats and webs. 

I graduated from West Central Technical College in 2001 with a Micro-computer Specialist Degree. Also Certificates in Website Fundamentals and Medical Transcription.

I have a wonderful Husband of 42 years and 2 wonderful Boys, 2 wonderful daughter-in-laws and 7 beautiful grandchildren that I love and treasure very much.

        While doing Alterations for friends and family, I found that it was so rewarding when I altered a Wedding Dress or Prom gown and making their special moments even greater. I have felt so very blessed to share in this special moment of their lives. So I decided that this was the life that I wanted every day. Serving people, helping make the special moments happen. Take a look at some of the designs and let us here at Alteration's and More help make your special moments happen for you.

     I also brought what I learned making Shades, boat tops, custom designed webs and soft play toys with me also. I will custom make anything you need. Just give me a call.